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Four Seasons - Budburst to Harvest

Spring moving into summer is a wonderful time in the Barossa Valley. The hills fade slowly from winter green to yellow and as the vines send out their shoots, the valley floor is transformed with the bright green explosion of new growth.

In the vineyard, it is a time of regular monitoring. Every year at this time there is the off chance of some form of challenge thrown down by nature; be it a dry springtime or storms with heavy rain and hail before Christmas or a heatwave before vintage. Being out and about in the vineyard allows us to adapt and react quickly if the need arises. Although, if you’ve lived here long enough, you can understand why the pioneers thought of the Barossa as their own piece of paradise. More often than not, the weather is kind and the threat to crops, rare. It truly is the ideal place to grow top quality grapes year in, year out.

Being near the foothills the gully breezes protect our patch from frosts most years and are a valuable cooling influence during the ripening period.

The wines we bottled in winter are released in September. Newsletters are posted out reporting on the new wines and the quality of the last vintage. At this time, in the winery, we are busy racking new vintage reds after malolactic (or secondary) fermentation.