Good Shepherd


2019 Malbec

Over the years I’ve developed a penchant for some great Cabernet dominated blends made in Australia during the 70’s and 80’s. When I’m on the road, I always have a dig around in the back sections of my favourite bottle shops hoping to hunt down an old bottle of this famous blend. It’s always surprising how well these wines age; they effortlessly manage to retain their vivid, inky purple colour and robust tannin structure over two or three decades. I can see why Cabernet Malbec has been one of my father’s favourite drinks for many a year, so I’ve grown the Malbec and made this for him to say thanks for being a good shepherd and pointing me in the right direction.

Tasting Notes

The nose is rich with satsuma plum, dark cherry, blueberry and spice. The palate follows suit with rich fruits characters. As always the blue fruit spectrum dominates followed by integrated tannins and lingering spice. An elegant ‘fruit forward’ expression of Malbec.


Tasting Notes


Super aromatic with blue fruits, violet and slight mocha tones. The palate has a velvety texture with hallmark blue fruits, some spice and gentle grip on the finish. Great length of flavour.


Loaded with blue fruits, some violet and an underlying spice on the nose. The palate has a velvety texture with hallmark blueberry and cassis characters. An elegant example of Malbec, finishing with a lovely fruit profile and soft tannins.


Loaded with blue fruits, olive tapenade, garden herbs and gentle spice. The palate is awash with blueberries, red currants and spice. Excellent finish, with chewy tannins. Great length of palate, with fruit and spice that lingers. Our most complex Good Shepherd to date.


The Malbec came in a bit riper (14.5%) than previous seasons so I decided to hang it out there in all its glory. It’s the best crop of Malbec I’ve seen from these vines so we’ve bottled this 100% Malbec, that’s like a slice of blueberry pie with cardamom pods and spice on the nose. It displays a rich, ripe palate awash with blueberries and red currants which leads to a fine finish with some silky tannin grip. The Good Shepherd finally has his wish this year with his first 100% Malbec. Cheers Dad!


The Good Shepherd is complex on the nose with hints of spice, chocolate, caramel and liquorice. The herbal notes from the Cabernet are layered with waves of wild lavender balancing out the bright fruit and trademark blueberry of the Malbec with deep herbal notes, lifted spice and a rich, unctuous finish. Blend 75% Malbec, 25% Cabernet.


74% Cabernet and 26% Malbec, it is incredibly complex on the nose with hints of spice, chocolate, caramel and liquorice, it makes me feel like a kid in a candy store when I smell the Good Shepherd. The herbal notes from the Cabernet are layered with waves of wild lavender. The Cabernet and Malbec are together showing great balance along with bright fruit, trademark blueberry, deep herbal notes and lifted spice with a rich and unctuous finish. Sophisticated.


I love the 2011 Good Shepherd. This is the wine of the release, which shows how good Cabernets can be in cool, wet vintages, with their thick skins and resistance to moulds and moisture. We actually managed to get the Cabernet reasonably ripe, even with the incredibly difficult conditions. We bunch thinned the Malbec early in the season which helped us get a modest yield, with pleasing results. Trademark blueberry from the Malbec, mingling with the lush herbaceousness of the Boundaries Cabernet is for me, heaven in a glass.