Christian and his dog The Rusden winery
Pumpovers Rusden winery at sunset
Rusden pump over Forking grapes
Wine barrel store Golden Vines

Four Seasons - Pruning

We start pruning later than most in late June/early July. Pruning carries on through the winter months and is complete by September. We prune later for two reasons. Firstly, at the end of vintage, the wines don’t drop their leaves until winter sets in. Pruning before the leaves fall off robs the vine of valuable carbohydrate that it is storing for budburst. Secondly, it encourages the vines to delay their budburst (hopefully) until after the time when frost is a major risk to young shoots.

We prune by hand using three traditional techniques:

Rod and Spur in our Shiraz and Malbec, Spur in our Cabernet, Grenache, Zinfandel and Chenin Blanc vines, and Bush Vine for our Mataro.

During winter, blends are assembled and moved to the bottling hall for bottling. This allows some time in bottle before the wines are released.