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Media - Customer Feedback

"So tonight we drank the Rusden Cabernet Sauvignon while we ate home grilled fillet mignon steaks. Rusden really are making wonderful wine. I want to get some more bottles, particularly bottles of the Black Guts Shiraz. I'm down to buy them because it's so damn good."

"We had the 2002 Zinfandel at dinner a couple of nights back and absolutely loved it."
PC, Melbourne

"I am a big fan of your wines. There is nothing like the quality of your wines in my state. My life has been changed after my brother in law introduced me to this splendid drop."
DL, Sydney

"Your wines - now we're talking. I have had the Driftsand, the Zinfandel and the Black Guts; all excellent!! Keep it up, please."
SE, Richmond

"Aloha, Just a couple bottles of your 2001 vintage Black Guts... Absolutely the finest shiraz I've ever had, and among may be the 10 best wines I've ever hand."
KO, Hawaii

"Hello makers of the best red wine in Australia!"

"Boundaries '01 is easily in my top 10 wines. I had a dinner party the other night and 10 people went through 12 bottles of red (4 of which were '01 Boundaries). A friend of mine brought a '94 Brunello that he raved about and said 'what was that we were drinking? The Brunello paled in comparison.' I had two cases and wanted one to keep in the cellar but i couldn't keep my hands off it"
SL, New York

"I tried lots of Barossa Valley wines, but can't find any can do better than yours..."
EA, Melbourne

"I tried Black Guts for the first time Saturday night and was blown away!! Fabulous wine! I called the store immediately and purchased everything they had in stock!"

"We both attended one of your wine dinners at The Lord Nelson Hotel and it has ruined our ability to enjoy the crap we thought was wine prior to that evening."
TP, Sydney

"The Driftsand was absolutely amazing, it accompanied our Italian perfectly. Devine indeed."
LZ, Sydney

"It was without a doubt the best Cabernet I have ever tasted and would love to be able to order more!!!"

"What more can I say.... As soon as I had some, I wanted more."
WH, Perth

"I love the unique taste. I drink big reds from Napa but enjoy yours even more!!! Keep up the good work."