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Rusden Full Circle Mataro NV 2014



Current Release
First Vintage

I was born into dark times with the vine pull in full swing. One of my first memories of growing up on our vineyard was the piled up heaps of 80 year old Mataro bush vines and the massive bonfires that followed, burning long into the night. After a decade of modern viticultural practices which followed, I had the privilege of working under Robert O’Callaghan, a visionary well-grounded in the values of the past. He was instrumental in our families return to traditional methods in the vineyard and in our then budding winery set amongst the remaining old vines. It brought me great joy to replant the same patch of dirt with bush vine Mataro, knowing that our Vine Vale sand would grow some of the best single vineyard Mataro around.

Tasting Notes

> 2012 Tasting Notes

In the same mould as the 2010, this years’ Mataro really offers up some profound complexity. Bursting with primary fruit, five spice, mace, tar and leather, it’s a large scale, intriguing wine to be enjoyed with rich gamey meat dishes.

> 2010 Tasting Notes

This may well be one of the best wines I’ve ever bottled- but then again, I am a self-confessed Mataro nut! Mataro is always a bit of a raffle, but when you hit pay dirt, it’s a bloody delight. The 2010 is meaty and rich and full juicy primary fruit. At 3 years old, the latest it’s ever been released, it’s as fresh as a daisy. Drinking beautifully now, it is also the one Mataro I look forward to cellaring for a couple of decades.

> 2009 Tasting Notes

The Mataro looks a little lighter on it’s feet than its predecessors. It’s more fruit driven and fun. It’s showing a lot of spice on the nose which is very typical of both Grenache and Mataro from this excellent vintage.

> 2007 Tasting Notes

The 2007 Mataro has a nose reminiscent of the 2004 with the palate weight of the 2005. It is restrained when you smell it, but on the palate it is like some kind of prehistoric monster. I love the Mataro from our Vine Vale region and this is everything it should be.

> 2006 Tasting Notes

I’ve got to say, the 04 and 05 Full Circle caused the biggest stir since I released the 1998 Black Guts. The 06 delivers in every way fans expect, and still holds its place as the dark side of the family.

> 2005 Tasting Notes

Full Circle is a great name but this one’s got me thinking “Full Bore”. Mataro has been around since day dot in the Barossa (it’s one of the famous five on the first boat) and these vines grown on the deep Vine Vale sand produce some of the most pure Mataro characteristics you’ll find anywhere in the country. Beware, 2005 was a warm, low-yielding vintage and this one’s got power.